Total Madness Double Vinyl

Total Madness Double Vinyl

Total Madness Double Vinyl

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Leading the ska revival of the ‘80s, Madness brought the ska sound to mainstream audiences all over the globe. Their debut One Step Beyond from 1979 was an instant success thanks to the energetic, wise-cracking and one-of-a-kind punky approach to traditional ska and rocksteady. One Step Beyond was the first release in a total legacy of over 10 great Madness albums. Total Madness is the definitive compilation of the best that these British heroes have to offer, finally available on two 180 gram slabs of virgin vinyl. All the hits are here: “One Step Beyond”, “Baggy Trousers”, “Our House”, “Night Boat To Cairo”, “It Must Be Love” and many more. It’s the happy happy monster sound! <br /> <br />

180 gram audiophile vinyl <br />
Gatefold sleeve <br />
Best of from Britain’s finest <br /> <br />

Tracklisting: <br /> <br />

LP 1 <br />
A1 One Step Beyond <br />
A2 Baggy Trousers <br />
A3 House Of Fun <br />
A4 Our House <br />
A5 Embarrassment <br />
A6 My Girl <br /> <br />

LP 1 <br />
B1 It Must Be Love <br />
B2 Wings Of A Dove <br />
B3 The Sun And The Rain <br />
B4 Grey Day <br />
B5 NW5 <br /> <br />

LP 2 <br />
C1 Cardiac Arrest <br />
C2 Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) <br />
C3 Driving In My Car <br />
C4 Bed And Breakfast Man <br />
C4 Lovestruck <br />
C5 One Better Day <br /> <br />

LP 2 <br />
D1 Michael Caine <br />
D2 Return Of The Los Palmas 7 <br />
D3 The Prince <br />
D4 Shut Up <br />
D5 Madness <br />
D6 Night Boat To Cairo <br />