Take It or Leave It (CD+DVD)

Take It or Leave It (CD+DVD)

Take It or Leave It (CD+DVD)

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In 1981, after a string of Top Ten singles and two smash hit albums, Madness took to the silver screen. Yet while a group nicknamed the Nutty Boys might have been expected to indulge in the knockabout japes of ’A Hard Day’s Night’ or ’Help!’ like The Beatles years before, ’Take It Or Leave It’ was a grittier, less glossy version of the events that led to them becoming one of Britain’s most cherished bands. <br/><br/>

The film provides a brilliant snapshot of late 1970s London, as well as a virtual tour of the venues that Madness played as they rose to fame to become the biggest selling singles band of the 1980s in the UK.<br/><br/>

The accompanying CD soundtrack album provides an interesting perspective on the band’s early work and features 26 songs including singles, b-sides and album tracks.<br/><br/>

CD - Film Soundtrack<br/><br/>

01. Don't Quote Me On That<br/>
02. The Business<br/>
03. I'm Walkin' - Fat's Domino<br/>
04. On The Beat Pete<br/>
05. Don't Look Back<br/>
06. Reach Out I'll Be There - The Four Tops<br/>
07. Embarrassment<br/>
08. Mistakes<br/>
09. That's The Way To Do It<br/>
10. Rocking In Ab<br/>
11. Day On The Town<br/>
12. Swan Lake<br/>
13. In The Middle Of The Night<br/>
14. Razor Blade Alley<br/>
15. Madness<br/>
16. Steppin' Into Line<br/>
17. Night Boat To Cairo<br/>
18. Sign Of the Times<br/>
19. Solid Gone<br/>
20. One Step Beyond…<br/>
21. Bed & Breakfast Man<br/>
22. The Prince<br/>
23. Baggy Trousers<br/>
24. Grey Day<br/>
25. My Girl<br/>
26. Take It Or Leave It<br/><br/>

DVD - The Chapters<br/><br/>
01. Opening Credits<br/>
02. Camden Town, 1976<br/>
03. Lee<br/>
04. Mike and Chris<br/>
05. Suggs<br/>
06. The Invaders’ First Apprearance June 1977<br/>
07. Carl<br/>
08. Mark And Woody<br/>
09. "Maybe we should join another band"<br/>
10. Plastered<br/>
11. "Let’s have some fun tonight"<br/>
12. Acklam Hall, November 1978<br/>
13. The Nutty Sound<br/>
14. The Dublin Castle<br/>
15. Pathway Recording Studios<br/>
16. End Credits<br/>
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